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About Us

About Academy Road Service

Our Story

Over 75 years in the same classic location. Located in the Winnipeg River Heights area, Academy Road Service is an automotive service station specializing in all things auto repair.

A trained staff of mechanical technicians await any problem that may occur and is ready to service all makes and models. 

Notice about our petrol services:

Academy Road Service started as a full-service gas station in 1938, but over the years it proved harder and harder to keep maintaining our petrol service. Multi-national corporations are hard to deal with when your just a local outfit. We will no longer be selling fuel starting May 1, 2016 as it is no longer feasible for us to sell it. We would like to thank all of our loyal customers for using us as their primary filling station.  We will continue to offer automotive service and car washes.

75 Years On The Same Corner

Our Team is Easy Going - No Pressure

Meet the Team

The Dynamic Duo

Bruce Borrer – Owner/Operator

Bruce Borrer is the sole owner of Academy Road Service. He has been engrained in the service station from when he was in his teens. Bruce can diagnose your car in a heartbeat, and is excited to help all new customers at Academy Road Service. Stop by and have Bruce Diagnose your car!


Ian Milroy – Manager

With over 9 years of experience at our service station, Ian is one of the most familiar and friendly faces here. His education at the University of Manitoba and Red River College provide him with the tools to help our customers with any inquiry. Ian is experienced and knowledgeable with all things automotive. Feel free to stop by and get professional opinion.

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