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Automotive Maintenance

Show Your Vehicle Some Love

Preventative maintenance is a key part in extending the life of your vehicle. Academy Road Service is able to perform a wide variety of services to help keep your car on the road.

($149.95) - Safety Inspection

Selling your vehicle? This is step 1, although it is possible to sell a vehicle without a safety it is very hard. Buyers want to see a vehicle with a valid safety. We are certified to do a Manitoba Vehicle Safety Inspections.
***We do not safety vehicles that are over 10 years old***

(Price Subject to Change if Diagnostic Service is Required)

(129.95) -Wheel Alignment

Winnipeg roads not only damage suspension components but can also put the vehicles alignment out of specifications. This can cause irregular tire wear and can even make the vehicle hard to drive.

(From $44.95/$64.95 for Synthetic Oil) -Oil, Lube & Filter

All oil changes include oil and oil filter change. Tire pressure

check/adjustment. Visual brake and suspension check.
***Prices may vary due to oil filter & amount of oil required***

(From $89.95/$109.95 for Synthetic Oil) -Spring and Winter Inspections

Oil Change, Tire Rotation and Multi Point inspection Including: inspection of brake components, suspension components,

steering components, exhaust system, air & cabin air filter check, test battery & clean terminals, check all lights,

test block heater, and much more!
***Prices may vary due to oil filter & amount of oil required***

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