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Automotive Maintenance

Show Your Vehicle Some Love

Preventative maintenance is a key part in extending the life of your vehicle. Academy Road Service is able to perform a wide variety of services to help keep your car on the road.

($115.00) - Safety Inspection

Selling your vehicle? This is step 1, although it is possible to sell a vehicle without a safety it is very hard. Buyers want to see a vehicle with a valid safety. We are certified to do a Manitoba Vehicle Safety Inspections.

(Price Subject to Change if Diagnostic Service is Required)

(4 Wheels $89.95, 2 Wheels $79.95) -Wheel Alignment

(From 44.95) -Oil, Lube & Filter

All oil changes include oil and oil filter change. Tire pressure

check/adjustment. Visual brake and suspension check.

(From $89.95) -Spring and Winter Inspections

Oil & Oil Filter change. Tire Rotation, 44 Point inspection

Oil Change, Tire Rotation and 44 Point inspection Including: inspection of brake components, suspension components, exhaust

system, air & cabin air filter check, test battery & clean terminals, check all lights,

test block heater, and much more!

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