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Tire Services

We Know Tires

Whether you have a surprise flat tire or a new set of rubber. Our local team can help you out in a flash. Schedule an appointment or drop-in and we can mount, balance and send you on your way.

New Tires - (Let's Talk Specs)

Let’s get the specs and price out a brand new set of rubber. Drop-in or Phone them in. The experts at Academy Road Service have years of experience with every brand of tire and can make informed decisions based on the best value for your vehicle and driving habits.

(From $28.50) -Tire Repairs

Punctures on the tread or shoulder can be fixed relatively quickly. If you have a tire that repeatedly loses air, be sure to get it checked out before it’s damaged further.

(15.00 Per Tire) -Tire Balancing

Un-balanced tires can lead to suspension problems, will cause uneven wearing and will shorten your tires lifespan. Let’s get those wobbly tires back on the straight and narrow.

($48.00 Mounted, $136.00 Un-Mounted) -Winter Tire Changeover

The tire change over price differs based on the tires being on-rims or off-rims (Un-Mounted). Un-mounted tire change over includes internal rim cleaning, rim sealant, mounting and balancing of tires. A mounted tire change over includes tire bags, a quick inspection of tires and air top-up

Ask about our oil change special when switching over tires!

($100 per year) -Tire Storage

Tired of moving those heavy tires out of the basement every year? We offer tire storage to save you the time and effort involved in moving those tires around. Let us do the heavy lifting.

Let's Talk Tires